from the heart of Napa Valley, California

Blessed with an amazing climate, rich soil and passionate vintners, northern California’s Napa Valley is home to many of the world’s favorite award-winning wines.

And our Cabernet Sauvignon is an exceptional example of the extraordinary wines coming out of Napa today. Crafted using traditional methods, it is an elegant wine with smooth and balanced flavors that you can sip with friends or serve alongside a fine meal.

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comes from generations of experience.

the crush

We remove as many stems as possible (90% or more) and then crush the grapes to allow the yeast and other additives to get in and start the real wine making process.

the ferment

Special yeasts used just for winemaking are added to give us the exact Cabernet characteristics we’re looking for. We also add nutrients and acid at this time, and the real work of making fruit into wine starts.

the press

After a couple of weeks in fermentation, the wine is poured into another container where it is pressed to separate the wine from the seeds and skins of the grapes.

The Barrel Age

Once the wine goes into our American and French oak barrels for aging, our winemakers watch over it carefully to make sure it develops into the best possible Cabernet. We taste the wine every few weeks to keep track of its evolution; in total, our wine is aged for 24-32 months.

The filtration

Filtration makes our wine more polished both in appearance when you pour it and by a softening or “rounding” of the wine when you drink it.

The bottling

Perhaps our favorite step in the process! Once we put our delicious new Cabernets in bottles, they’re ready to be shipped to our customers.